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Admission Information

Enrollment Requirements

Finding the right academic placement is essential for your child's well-being.  Because of this, we want to ensure that our program is the right program to meet your child's social-emotional and academic needs. 

 Our enrollment process is as follows:


  • After researching our site and finding that more information is needed, parents can contact us to gain answers to their questions.


To start the Application process, please call to get the email address to upload and submit the following documentation:

  • Submit:

    • Most recent psychoeducational evaluation testing from their district, a neuropsychologist or an educational psychologist.

    • Current IEP and, 

    • Most Recent Reports Cards (2-3 years required​).

  • If unavailable, your child must be scheduled for a dyslexia assessment before continuing with the enrollment process ($750-$895 depending on grade level). 

  • We will schedule a 1 hour phone appointment to conduct the Parent Interview.

  • We will also schedule the assessment appointment. 

  • You will be invoiced for the assessment.  Payment is due on or before the assessment appointment. 



  • If a dyslexia assessment is not needed due to submission of a current educational evaluation  (1 year or less), students must attend a mandatory placement assessment appointment. 

  • We will call to schedule the appointment

  • Payment of $425 is due at the time of registration.

  • Once assessment data is complete, the Admission's Director with meet with parents to discuss placement.

  • If placement is agreed upon, a student day visit is scheduled if requested. 


  • Complete the online registration paperwork on Gradelink.

  • Upload the require documents.

  • Pay the registration fee of $75.

  • Prior to the first day of school, the 1st and last month tuition and material fees must be received (parents will be invoiced separately).

  • The family is provided with access to our communication portal where they will see their student's class schedule, grades, teachers and more.

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