How Do You Test a Child for Dyslexia

It is estimated that roughly 1 in 5 people have dyslexia, making it relatively common. This means there are approximately 780 million people with dyslexia around the world.

If you think your child has dyslexia, you may wonder how you treat a child with dyslexia. This is a common question parents have if their child has dyslexia signs.

There are many reasons why it is vital to have your child tested. This guide will instruct you on how testing works and what comes after.

Keep reading to find out how you test a child for dyslexia.

How Does Dyslexia Affect Children?

Before we dig into testing, we need to understand dyslexic children. Understanding the indicators will help you determine if your child could have dyslexia.

The main problems dyslexic children have involves they are learning abilities. This is why there are schools for dyslexia with structured literacy in place.

These children often struggle with reading even as they get older. They may struggle with spelling and have difficulty with oral reading.

Many dyslexic children also have issues with rapid, automized naming and challenges with phonological awareness.

Some children with dyslexia may be good at reading and speaking but struggle to read quickly. They may also need help with letter recognition and writing.

Overall, the majority of dyslexia symptoms are centered on learning difficulties. It is often called a hidden disability since it is easily misunderstood and misinterpreted.

This is why it is crucial to understand how to help a child with dyslexia.

Why Is Testing Important?

Dyslexia is a condition that is very easy to overlook. This is because it has to do with learning, and it is easy to assume your child needs to try harder.

But the reality is that they will struggle to learn unless they are taught in ways they understand. This cannot be done until you know whether they have dyslexia.

Early intervention for dyslexia is also essential. The sooner it is identified, the sooner you can start to address your child’s learning challenges.

Dyslexia Assessment

Are you wondering how to test your child for dyslexia? The good news is that Read Academy of Sacramento provides a dyslexia assessment.

How do you test a child for dyslexia? First, gather your child’s developmental history and educational records. We then assess all academic areas and additional assessments looking for language-based learning disabilities.

This assessment is then compared to standardized norms to understand the strengths and weaknesses in your child’s abilities.

This will help you later on when it comes to how to teach a child with dyslexia. All you need to do is make an appointment and answer the parent questionnaire.

What Happens After the Assessment?

Depending on the outcome of the assessment, there are specific steps you should take afterward.

Children with dyslexia are just as capable as any other child. They need structured literacy instruction and additional reading help.

Because of this, you will need to make some changes if they are diagnosed with dyslexia. Here are some examples of how you can help your child learn.

Private School

Children with dyslexia learn differently than others. This is why private schools specializing in dyslexia in Sacramento can be so valuable.

Read Academy of Sacramento provides specialized tuition-based private school learning. It specifically helps those with language-based learning disabilities or differences.

They provide a complete academic setting emphasizing the main components of structured literacy to help your child learn. They also offer a safe and welcoming environment where learning can be fun.

Summer Programs

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READ Learning Center also provides a variety of structured literacy programs. This includes summer programs and after-school tutoring for dyslexic children.

These programs are perfect if you do not know how to help a child with dyslexia in the classroom. READ Learning Center provides reading, writing, and mathematics tutoring to help your child overcome their difficulties.

They host a four-week summer camp every July to reduce the summer learning loss.

Dyslexic Children Education

Another thing that parents can do is understand more about dyslexia. If the assessment shows that your child has dyslexia, you must act.

Part of this includes educating yourself on dyslexia and how it impacts children. This will help you to have more patience and understand what they are going through.

It will allow for open communication if they struggle with something in school. It can also help you to assist them more in ways that they will understand.

How Do You Test a Child for Dyslexia: Everything to Know

You may be wondering how to test a child for dyslexia. The good news is that there are dyslexia assessments that make this extremely easy.

This is important because it helps you understand your child’s learning difficulties. It also helps your child to know that this is not their fault.

From there, you can find programs or private schools that specialize in dyslexic learning.

Are you wondering how you test a child for dyslexia? Contact us today at Read Academy of Sacramento to get started. Also, you can contact Read Learning Center at the following link if you are interested in a program developed to meet the unique needs of each and every student, while empowering them to ask insightful questions and confronting conventional ways of thinking: Contact Read Learning Center

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