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Frustrated little schoolgirl feeling a failure unable to concentrate in reading and writin

Dyslexia Assessment

Knowledge is Power

Have you ever wondered why your bright and capable child is struggling with reading, spelling, writing or math development at school?  Could it be Dyslexia, Dysgraphia or Dyscalculia; reading, writing or math disabilities?  Did your school assessment leave you wondering what is really going on with your child?  Did your child not qualify for Special Education and related services but you simply must help them?

We can answer those questions! 


Using your child's developmental history, educational records and current standardized assessments, we will test for language-based learning disabilities through a thorough assessment of academic skills.  You will know where your child is academically based on standardized norms which is important to understand so that appropriate research-based intervention can be implemented to ensure your child's success in school.


Click on the Learn More link below to see if your child has many of the warning signs of dyslexia.  If so, call or email for a consultation or to set up an appointment for assessment.  The parent questionnaire must be completed prior to your appointment.  Click on the link below to complete. 


The cost ranges between $750 and $895 depending on the age of the student and academic history.

Dyslexia Assessment: Activities
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