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Tutoring, Intervention &

Summer Program

READ Learning Center is our sister company that offers an after-school tutoring program, Intervention Fridays and a Summer camp.  These programs are perfect for homeschooled students, or students who are in public school but need extra support.  Like our day program, READ Learning Center ensures that students are placed in the right intervention program to support their academic success.  Instead of coming after school, students who are home-schooled or participating in distance learning  can sign up for targeted intervention on Fridays to help bridge the gap in their educational skills and to support their current learning environment.  In addition, students who attend READ Academy are encouraged to engage in Intervention Fridays if they are struggling to keep up with their peers in their regular classes.

Geared towards small group intervention, classes will be offered on a first come-first served basis in educational blocks of 6-8 weeks long or on an ongoing basis as requested/needed.  To learn more about the curriculum used during intervention classes, please see our tutoring program here.  


Classes will be offered in:

Reading  (Max. 4 students)

Classes to be scheduled in all aspects of reading such as decoding, spelling, fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary acquisition.

Writing (Max. 4 students)

Themed writing classes to be offered in blocks based on student needs.

Math (Max. 4 students)

Small group instruction geared towards the needs of the student.

To learn more, please click on the link below to be taken to READ Learning Center's website.

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