Why a Private School in Sacramento Is Best for Special Needs Students

As of the last recorded data, over 49 million children were in public schools. That’s a lot of kids! While many children thrive in public schools, many parents of children with learning differences know it’s not suitable for everyone.

Do you have a child with a learning difference? It may be time to consider a private school in Sacramento instead.

Your child deserves the best education they can get. A private school for students with learning differences can provide that. Read on to learn all about the benefits of private schools.

Smaller Class Sizes

Many public schools need more teachers to go around. There are so many children in school that class sizes are often too large.

Even fantastic teachers can struggle to reach every student when there are 30+ students in each classroom. This inevitably means that some children will fall through the cracks and struggle with their academic success.

Private school enrollment is much lower, and that means there will be fewer students per classroom. This allows the teacher to focus on teaching and spend more time with each individual student.

This also increases the one-on-one attention students with learning differences can get. When teachers have more time, they can quickly help individual students with questions or problems. This isn’t always possible in a public school classroom.

Specialized Teachers

In a conventional public school, there are special education teachers. However, many need to receive additional training or support from the school. There need to be more resources available to them.

Children are often put in special education classrooms instead of standard classrooms. They will fall behind their peers if they don’t have teachers with the proper experience or necessary resources. This isn’t fair to them.

Private schools that focus on learning differences and neurodivergence have teachers who understand children with those unique conditions. They’re ready to teach each individual student regardless of their learning difference.

Better Connection With Peers

There are several ways in which a private school in Sacramento that focuses on children with learning differences can improve a student’s connection with their peers.

First, again, private schools have lower enrollment. Smaller class sizes can be better for shy children who do well in small groups but struggle with large ones. They can make friends.

In these schools, students learn together. Special needs students don’t have to learn in isolation in special classrooms. They get to learn with the other children in their classes.

Students who relate to learning differences may be less likely to bully each other. They all have at least one thing in common. That can help them bond and connect.

Customized Curriculum

Private schools often have the flexibility to adapt their curriculums to meet the unique needs of students with learning differences. This can help students progress at their own pace and with appropriate accommodations.

Public schools must also offer accommodations, but again, they have larger class sizes. This means that it’s almost impossible to customize curriculums to the same extent unless they have robust special education programs.

A customized curriculum can be a game-changer for students with learning differences. Even minor adjustments can make a significant difference.

Flexibility in Teaching Methods

Not all students learn in the same way. While it’s possible for most students to learn in a public school classroom, teachers need more flexibility to experiment. They have to teach the “average student,” meaning that children with learning differences fall behind.

Private schools may have the flexibility to explore innovative teaching methods and approaches. This way, they can accommodate more learning styles. They have the time and resources to experiment.

Supportive Environment

Private schools often prioritize creating a supportive and inclusive school culture. This can reduce the stigma associated with learning differences. It can also create an environment where students feel worthy, valuable, and accepted.

Students with learning differences require more support than other students. They sometimes need a helping hand to guide them.

Conventional public schools aim to be supportive, but they don’t have the same resources.

Structured Learning Environment

Students with learning differences need structure. As a matter of fact, all children benefit from structure, but learning differences and neurodivergence make it even more critical.

Private schools tend to have learning environments with more structure and discipline. These can be beneficial for some students with learning differences who thrive in predictability and routine.

Because of the smaller class sizes, teachers can keep classes on-task and maintain classroom schedules. This creates a better and more comfortable environment for students with learning differences.

Parental Involvement

Private schools often encourage active parental involvement. They allow parents to work with teachers and staff to support their child’s education and development.

All parents should care about their children’s education, but many public schools don’t emphasize the importance of parental involvement enough. It’s integral to a child’s academic success.

A parent becomes more actively involved just by choosing a specific private school for a child. This one small step often leads to more parental involvement in the future as the child’s education becomes a financial investment.

Access to More Resources

Some private schools for children with learning differences have the financial resources to invest in educational technologies and teaching tools. These tools can be incredible for students who don’t learn well in traditional classrooms.

They may also have the money and resources to continue training their teachers with these tools and technologies so they can continue improving.

Send Your Child to a Private School in Sacramento

If you have a child with a learning difference, such as dyslexia or dysgraphia, a private school in Sacramento might be the best option for them. Smaller class sizes, better resources, and a more supportive environment can all help your child succeed.

Your child deserves all of the help they can get.

At Read Academy, we aim to provide the best possible education to all our students. Contact us today to learn all about our admissions process.

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