How Private Dyslexia Testing Can Optimizing Learning for Diagnosed Students

A dyslexia diagnosis is a pivotal starting point. But to truly unlock your child’s potential, private dyslexia testing offers a deeper level of understanding. For students at READ Academy, this personalized insight is a powerful tool for overcoming challenges and reaching new heights of academic success.

Beyond the Diagnosis: What Private Testing Reveals

While a school assessment may have identified dyslexia, private testing goes further, uncovering:

  • Specific Cognitive Profiles: Private tests pinpoint your child’s specific strengths and areas for improvement across various aspects of language processing.
  • Unique Learning Styles: Does your child excel with visual information but struggle with auditory processing? Testing reveals how they learn best to inform strategies that maximize their success.
  • Hidden Strengths: Often masked by reading difficulties, dyslexia can coexist with exceptional problem-solving abilities, creativity, or spatial reasoning skills. Testing can highlight these strengths, encouraging and empowering your child.

Why Is This Information Vital for Students?

Students benefit from specialized dyslexia education. However, every student’s journey is different. Detailed testing results provide crucial information to guide interventions by:

  • Developing Truly Personalized Programs: Based on test findings, the experts at READ Academy will have a clear roadmap of specific strategies and tools to enhance your child’s learning experience.
  • Tailoring Existing Interventions: Are current school supports showing limited progress? Testing can pinpoint why, leading to adjustments that unlock their full potential within READ Academy’s programs.
  • Boosting Confidence and Motivation: Understanding their unique strengths empowers students with a can-do attitude and reinforces their resilience.

Turning Knowledge into Action: How READ Academy Uses Assessment Data

At READ Academy, test results aren’t just a report, they are a blueprint for success:

  • Targeted Skill Development: If testing highlights issues with working memory, READ Academy instructors l know to incorporate strategies to support this area alongside their literacy intervention.
  • Multisensory Learning: Identifying a child’s dominant learning style (visual, auditory, kinesthetic) allows READ Academy to tailor lessons accordingly, making learning an impactful and enjoyable experience.
  • Assistive Technology: Tests often recommend specific software or tools. READ Academy can incorporate these to make reading and writing less difficult, building academic confidence.

Success Stories: When Testing Leads to Transformation

Every student with dyslexia has a unique learning profile. Educators can create truly transformative learning experiences by understanding these strengths and weaknesses. Here’s how READ Academy has helped students flourish:

“Having a child diagnosed ‘twice exceptional,'” Courtney H., a READ Academy parent, shares, “I needed to find a school where dyslexic-based reading skills wouldn’t only be taught in reading but continue throughout all the subjects. We also required a school that kept him active in Math, Science. The staff and teachers not only have the continuing education regarding dyslexia but they understand that each student is unique with different abilities. They used evidence-based curriculum and techniques to bring each student to their highest potential. We drive 35-45 mins each way because it is the best school for my student.” Testimonial from Courtney H. on Yelp.

Follow-up: Courtney’s words underscore the necessity of personalized approaches for dyslexic students. READ Academy’s commitment to understanding each learner sets them apart.

Beyond Academics: The Impact on Self-Esteem

Dyslexia can take a toll on a child’s view of themselves. Private testing, when paired with supportive interventions like those at READ Academy, can be transformative:

  • Celebrating Strengths: Recognizing a student’s talents in areas unrelated to reading can shift their self-perception from “struggling” to “capable.”
  • Demystifying Dyslexia: Detailed explanations of how their brain works differently help students understand that their challenges don’t reflect their intelligence.
  • Fostering Self-Advocacy: With a more profound understanding, students can communicate their needs and advocate for effective learning strategies.

Is Private Dyslexia Testing Right for Your Child?

If your child has a dyslexia diagnosis and you sense there is more to be discovered about their learning needs, consider private testing. Contact READ Academy to discuss how this detailed analysis can optimize their educational journey.  Call us at (916) 258-2080 or fill out our Contact Us form!

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